Welcome to Bloom House Creative

Where we guide coaches & creative business owners to build a sustainable business in harmony with life by streamlining thier marketing flow & implementing automation.

Hi, I’m Michelle

Founder & Creative Director of Bloom House Creative, but also a busy mom of 4, heart-centered business owner, & creative genius. A professional marketing strategist on a mission to help blooming coaches and creative business owners to grow family and business in harmony.

With a holistic apporach to sustainable marketing to grow with your business

Here at Bloom House Creative, we believe in building a buisness in harmony with life, a streamlined approach to marketing to free up time, automation in balance with hands-on, and doing the things that light you up & nothing else!

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I Can Help You…


Craft your Marketing Message

To attract your ideal tribe and grow your business with clarity.


Craft the Buyers Journey

From free sign up to paid programs, let’s get you booked out!


Streamline Your Workflow

With automation, templates, repurposing content to free up time.


Guidance on Growth Strategies

To get in front of new audiences consistently to expand reach and impact.

The Ultimate Marketing Planner

Get Organized with The Marketing Map Planner

Get the Marketing Map Planner to get organized in your business and marketing workflow.

ONE PLACE for all of your content planning, goal setting, and business workflow.

Get yours today!

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3 Ways To Streamline Your Marketing 

3 Ways To Streamline Your Marketing 

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