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Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

3 Ways You Can Make Money While You Build Your Course

While you build your course, it can seem like there is a ton to do to create your course, build your funnel, grow your list, create content, and still generate revenue in your business. I am here to share a few tips with you that can will help you build your course and make money doing it! If you’re focused on building your list and serving your audience then these will be easy for you to do! Let’s jump right in!


Host workshops of small pieces of your course. These can even make up your course content (reusing videos and worksheets)! You can literally present the information in a workshop and then use that same video/ slide deck to plug it in to your course content. 

This is a fantastic way to also validate your course, your method of delivery, your worksheet or exercises. By hosting this small piece of your course in a live workshop, you can get a feel for how and in what order the material should be. I have designed workbooks for clients’ course or program and them come back and ask for updates, to reorder the pages. We have an idea of how we think it will best, but until we actually do the work with an audience, do we know. By the end of the workshop you have course content and got paid to make sure it is the best content for your participants.


Some people find great success and motivation through preselling their course. This works great for people who have an established audience and authority. It is a terrific way to make sure your course will be well received once created. Put together an outline, name, and some basic branding and ask your audience if they are interested. Let them know that the start date is X and that they will know when it is ready. Some people set up a private Facebook group just for the people who purchased the presell to build community, make announcements, and do mini trainings directly to the paid members.

Run it live

While preselling is a great way to get people to pay you then you create one module at a time for the participants. They will be with each step of the creation of your course. This is probably considered more of a program, but you take a group of people through this process and then you use that content to make your course. Each week, you deliver the next training, worksheet, and homework. This is a great way to hold you accountable to make sure you create the course sooner than later. 

In my opinion, this option is the best way to build your course, make money doing it, and validate your course idea and methods. You’ll even get to launch with testimonials and affiliate partners! People who will vouch for you and help you sell more! Simply create an outline to talk to your audience about to get them to sign up, then run it live! So which one of these ways to make money while you build your course is most easy for you to do? Which one have you tried?Please share in the comments!