Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

3 Ways To Streamline Your Marketing 

We all know marketing is a necessary part to business. And there are so many ways to promote and grow your business. Here at Bloom House Creative we believe in doing what best serves each individual business and business owner. There are things that every business should be doing to establish and grow an online presence. Every business should be utilizing online digital marketing to reach their potential clients and customers.

Marketing can be a daunting task for some small business owners. Some think they need to be on all the platforms and stress themselves out doing too much whilst others may post at random and with no clear action plan or organization.

With online digital marketing, there is a lot that goes into it with social media, emails, and promo content and if you are still growing your small business, you may not be in a position yet to hire a marketing agency, and that’s alright. I am here to help guide you.

There are 3 things I suggest you do to save not only time, but money and headspace so you can increase sales and live your best life, to move beyond yo-yo marketing.

Make marketing fun again! It can be easy to consistently and effectively market your business. With a few key strategies in place and simplified approach you can streamline your marketing to make it effortless.

Plan Content Ahead
When it comes to marketing, it is best to be ahead of the curve and begin talking about things ahead of when you’re launching or promoting. Plan your marketing ahead at least a month in advance from when you’re promoting it. This allows you to create/ repurpose content that directly relates to what you’re selling. When you plan ahead you have the advantage to bulk plan and create, center your message around what’s coming next for your biz, and knock out your tasks in one sitting instead of scrambling to post something so you choose a meme in a hot panic. Don’t do that, plan ahead and create once a week and rock your marketing!

Batch Create Content
Spend some time each week to create and schedule your social media content. Sit down with a game plan of what you are talking about this week and create all your graphics, captions, hashtags and keywords. For some things like a live stream or IGTV, go ahead and write out your script or cliff notes so you’re ready day of. By planning and creating your marketing content in bulk, you will save not only time, but headspace.

Repurpose Content
Leverage your existing content to create less and and share more. Your blog post can be made into an IG post or video. Your podcast or YouTube video could and should be embedded on your site as a blog post.nThis lends to creating several graphics for each place your content lives and this, my friend, will help fill your social media content calendar!

The whole idea here is to create less, repurpose more, and create once per week or twice per month to knock out and rock your marketing!