Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

9 Types Of Opt-In Freebies

When you are brainstorming what your opt-in should be for your business, keep in mind the recipient. Think about your audience and how they like to consume content. Think about their life. Are they often on the go? Are they often nursing a baby? Are they at the ball field or ballet practice? Do they work from home? These things help you decide how to package the info you want to deliver to them.

Take into consideration the life your ideal peeps live and think about how you can best serve them. Think about how you can provide the value they are searching for while also honoring their time. Some people thrive with a challenge while some may be stressed out by it. Some people prefer to read while others prefer video. Think about the person on the other end and make sure that the type of method you choose is the most valuable to them.

You also want to think about the end in mind. What are you selling or eventually promoting? This will help you determine what topic your opt-in should cover. If you are selling a course or program, then you may want to offer a free training the preempts that. If you are selling coaching or services then you may want to offer some kind introductory to you and your process.

PDF download

This is a great first freebie or when you are testing the subject to see if it is a valuable and needed topic. This is the most simple easiest way to deliver a freebie. It is a quick place all the written content into a document, then design with your branding elements. Bam! You have a freebie! Once you validate that this is working, you can then think beyond the standard PDF to see how you can provide even more value. These are a great starting point, but not all audiences will resonate with a PDF.

Ebook/ Eguide

If your end game is selling courses or other educational content or even consulting services, then an ebook or eguide is an awesome opt-in. Teach your new subscriber something that will help them improve their lives or business. Walk them through the process that you use when you provide your service. It’s ok to tell them, they will try to DIY but ultimately end up hiring you or taking your course or program.

Mini journal or workbook 

This is a great option for coaches or consultants who want to help their new subscriber work through something. Provide prompts, workbook style to pull something out of the recipient. This works great when your offer is the solution to their answers. Design with branded elements and pretty and this could work great as a freebie!

A guided meditation or exercise

This is a great option if your paid offer is in the mindful or health industry. This is a great way to show off how you operate. It provides value but also showcases your knowledge and love for what you do. Videos are the best way to break through the know, like, and trust factor. Quality is important so be sure that if you choose to provide a video of a guided meditation or exercise that the quality is good. And feel free free to record several times. I know when I record, it takes me a few minutes to get warmed up and relaxed to sound good.

A video or video series that walks through a process

Speaking of video! If you are in any industry, this is a terrific option! Like I said, video is where it’s at to build familiarity and trust. If your paid offer is that of teaching them something, this works fantastically to help prime them for your paid content. It is also mega valuable in working through a process or to learn something.

An audit or introductory service

When you work with people one-to-one, an audit or intro service is a great way to begin the relationship with a potential client. You get to show off your expertise and skills, the potential client sees how what you offer is needed and can fit into their business or life. This could be a free 20 minute strategy session, website audit, social media profile audit, a short hyper focused coaching call. It will look different for everybody and will depend on what your services are.

A challenge

Challenges are a great way to get a lot of people at once to your list. It requires a level of visibility and works best when your program or course is ready to launch directly following the challenge. This is usually run live so not really an evergreen thing and it requires you to be present for the steps involved. Usually a private pop up Facebook group will suffice with some automated emails to deliver the content and invite to the group for the live component of the challenge.

A webinar/ workshop

Got something to teach? Teach it! Workshops and webinars are terrific to provide value and show your knowledge and skill. It’s a great way to get a bunch of people in one space at a time. These work best when your program or course is ready to launch. In fact it works best to kick off the launch of your program or course and it is a great way to get people to take fast action as you can provide bonuses during the live webinar or workshop. Usually this is a timed opt-in and you will want to have an ongoing opt-in beyond a webinar or workshop unless you package this up to be evergreen, which there are tools and platforms that allow you to do so. 

So that’s it in a nutshell! There is no one right way to choose an opt-in, in fact, you won’t know which one is best for your business and your audience until you create and see. You can measure subscribers and conversions to see if the opt-in you chose is right for you. Test out a few different versions of the same topic until you find the one that is best received by your audience. SO which one is your favorite one way to give your audience a quick win? Share in the comments!