Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

Build A Content Empire For Sustainable Business Growth

Content is king, yes, but you my dear are QUEEN!

Build a content empire for a sustainable business. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about…

Content lives on forever, written content such as blogs and websites, live forever, podcasts and you tube videos also live for practically forever unless the platform takes em down. But your content written on your blog, is just that… YOURS!

Your content does the heavy lifting for you to draw people towards your website and with the power of SEO you can literally grow your reach and business while you live life

This is why I favor blogging, and this is why many podcasts and you tube videos are also crossed posted on the owners blog/ website. As long as we pay our host, we have the power of content marketing at work for us! That is BLISS!

Marketing Map Planner

The Marketing Map Planner to get you organized and create the right content to truly grow your impactful business!

To blog or not to blog, that is the question…

Everyone chooses what they want to do for their business, but here at BHC, we encourage our clients to create a contentplan that best fits their lifestyle, interest, and natural talent. Go with the flow on this one. How do you like to best consume content? Which type of content is easiest for you to create at this time?

True story: I have wanted to launch a podcast and a you tube channel for a couple of years and I go in circles with this new exciting project, to only fall flat for one reason or another, but what I realized is that I WRITE, a lot. I am always jotting something down in Notion or in a notebook. That’s what I DO… naturally. So it’s not that I won’t ever get to creating other types of content, for right now in my life with my growing family and budding business, this is what I can commit to weekly and I encourage you to choose wisely.

Just choose ONE platform to focus all of your efforts towards, leverage the the power of SEO and use Pinterest to build traffic.

Evergreen vs seasonal/ promotional

You do you Boo! But here’s my take… Evergreen content is terrific and lives on forever, as long as it’s relevant. Seasonal content will rank epic among search engines, but for a very short time, so it’s also a terrific idea. Promotional content should craftily be sprinkled into your educational/ inspirational content. When you’re launching or promoting anything, utilize your content to attract people to your website.

Think about it… you can create social media and Pinterest content that points towards your offers/ products, but it will only get you so far. When you use your content to speak to your ideal peeps, speak to their problems, and help solve them, people will more likely buy from you. People need 3-5 touches from a brand or company or whatever before they buy. So content helps make those touches!

Goal for each piece of content

For everything you create, from blog posts, to landing pages, to social media, to emails you write, I mean everything… make it clear for your peeps to easily take the next step. Everything should point towards either an email sign up or landing page.

Each piece of content you create should be related to your offer/ products. Craftily build awareness for the need of your offer through each piece of content you create!

Simple Funnels

Content is king, but there has to be a clear call to action for the next step. Your content is the first stepping stone in an evergreen funnel that will continue to grow your reach and business.

Just imagine a few months from now, that one blog post you wrote is bringing in consistent leads into your email list. And imagine if you wrote one every week or two per month. Boom!

What about paid traffic or ads? There’s a time and place to throw dollars at traffic, but you just can’t beat FREE, amIright?!?

So ads are a temporary and/or ongoing expense, either way, if you can commit to a few hours per week, you can literally grow your business for free and the content will continue to bring traffic.

In conclusion, build a content empire to organically grow your business to consistently bring in leads, and consistently build brand awareness. Content lives on forever and you my friend, got this!

Build s content empire to build a sustainable business