Marketing Foundation

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Rock your marketing by building the foundation

  • Welcome

    Welcome to Bloom House Creative and welcome the Marketing Foundation. So pleased to joined our tribe as you grow your business!

  • Brand Identity

    In this module, we are going to dig into the key components of your business identity.

  • Brand Story

    Your brand story is more of an origin story. Dive in to create your origin story.

  • Pillars

    In this module, we are going to take a look at your business structure, the pillars are branches to your business. This will help you organize content and create themes and segments to your marketing.

  • Offers

    Your offers should connect and ideally allow someone to work with you in various ways at various price points. This module will help you connect your offers and provide a bird's eye view to your offers.

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  • Goals

    Let's discuss where you are headed!

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  • Brand Strategy

    Where do you want to show up?

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