Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

Create A Content Cocktail

Create YOUR Content Cocktail 🍸 to drive traffic and sales to GROW your business!

In today’s online business world, there are many tools and platforms that help you run and expand your business. And when you’re starting out or in the beginning of scaling your business, it can be overwhelming to be on all the platforms.

There’s a lot of advice and systems out there and you’re probably going in circles trying this and trying that, but YOU haven’t found a system that works for you and your business that fits your family and lifestyle.

Let me break it down for you how at BHC, we create a Content Cocktail to make it all work cohesively.

This is the secret sauce, the special formula, if you will to make a content plan you can stick to! We use this formula for our business as well as for our clients. Let’s grow girl!

What is a Content Cocktail

A content cocktail is essentaially a marketing mix. This makes up everywhere you show up online. From your SEO content to your social media to your written emails and sales pages.

Think about what your selling and each piece of content, meaning the written copy, graphics, videos, emails… everything you create is content. Think about each piece of content you create, what is the goal here?

Your content cocktail should lead people through your funnel. Inculde a call-to-action on each piece of content to subscribe to your email list and then have an engagement sequence to build a relationship with your peeps.

How does this content connect and guide people toward my offers?

The reason it’s a content cocktail is because the mix of content you create and share is what makes you unique and attracts people to your business.


Types of content for your cocktail

SEO content – blog, podcast, or You Tube to draw people in from search. This content should provide solutions but not the whole solution… you want people to buy so make sure your content provides a quick win something small they should overcome or know before working with you or buying from you.

Great SEO content will educate, inspire, motivate…. It will Empower those who come across it to take action yet get them curious for more.

Always include. acall-to-action to subscribe. toyour email list!

Instagram– to me IG is like a dynamic busienss card… people land there and begin to explore your business so make sure your profile and content guide people towards what your selling and much like your SEO, it should educate, inspire, and motivate people.

Pinterest– is an epic platform to utilize to drive traffic towards your SEO content, landing pages, videos, and other social media platforms. Pinterest is very much a visual search engine so graphics and text matter on each piece of content as well as keywords in the title and description.

You could use a scheduler and tool like Tailwind to help you manage all the pins going out.

Emails– your email list is your inner circle. The ones who said YES to you already. They are warm leads and you must nurture your peeps. Write to your list consistently to connect, educate, and inspire. Build a relationship with yur email list.

How does this mix taste?

So here’s how these key pieces work together.

Create an epic piece of useful and entertaining content whether a blog, podcast, or You Tube. Then you take the bullet points from your post and chop it up into social media bite-sized pieces. These become your social posts for the week. And include call to action to check out your new content. Create 5 pins for Pinterest and post to various boards. Write an email digest of your post and invite to read full post.

And this my friend, is how you create a content cocktail to grow your business in a way that is sustainable to you.

Create a content cocktail to grow your online business