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Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

How To Write Website Content That Converts

As your business grows and shifts so do your offers. And so should your website. You know it’s time for a new website when you much rather send people to your Facebook page or Instagram because your slightly embarrassed about your website. It doesn’t have to be that way!

One of the most challenging pieces of a new website design is the copywriting. I have clients get hung up on this part all the time. Over time, I have realized that there are some trends and tips that I offer my clients consistently so today, we we will talk about website copy.

The number one challenge my web design clients run into is what to say on each page. It can be quite simple to create your website copy. Here are my top tips!

Plan First

Before you ever create any content for your new website, sit down and consider page by page what your goals are and the call to action to meet that goal. Map it out! It will help you significantly as you begin to write the content for your website. 

Awareness, Consideration, & Decision

Build the know, like, and trust factor page by page of your website. You get to share your expertise, experience, knowledge, and client praises on the pages of your website. Do it in a way that guides the reader to build trust in you and your services or products. Each page has a different level of awareness, consideration, and decision phase.

Guide The Visitor

It is our job to guide the visitor to the next step or to take action. We use content to guide the user experience. Beyond just the copy, we also use images and icons to help move the eye across and down the page. Keep this in mind as you write copy for your website. Think about icons or images that we can use with the copy you write. 

Break Up Content

To to help keep your content visually interesting, try to write your website copy like you are talking to someone who is in a huge hurry. You know the whole elevator pitch concept, use that in the various places on your website. Be quick and straight to the point. Your website is not a place for fluff content. Shorter paragraphs are ideal and bold statements, see the next point! 

Bold Statements

Pull content out of your shorter paragraphs to have a bold statement in between blocks of text. I understand that you have a lot to say, so let’s say it, just in an artistic elegant way that furthers your brand story but helps guide the reader to the next piece of content they should read.

Call To Action

Keep your eyes on the goal. Consider the ONE action you want visitors to take on each page. Your content should help build toward them taking that action. It could be to book a call with you, sign up for your email list, or to visit another page. Decide what action you want the visitor to take and create content around that action. 

SO do you feel ready to write some epic content for your new website design? I sure hope so! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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