Want a simplified marketing workflow you can actually stick to?

The Marketing Map Program is for you!


Build a content system that works with your busy life to grow family & business in harmony

Does it feel like you’re always ON even when you’re off with the kids?

As a mom of 4 & business owner, I know first hand how running your passion-forward business can be super time consuming, like cooking Thanksgiving dinner e’ryday.

You’re juggling content creation, client calls, continued learning for your niche or practice, on top of all your mom duties of cooking, cleaning, and keeping a home….not to mention the scheduling of practices, play dates, after-school activities and, dr’s appointments and all of that somewhere in there you squeeze in some self care, which may look like an extra 5 minutes of silence in the car before you go inside.

And you’re wondering how on earth am I supposed to create high-quality, value-packed FREE content everyday while balancing quality family time and serving clients.

You know the that consistently creating evergreen content can be a game changer for your business in attracting the right audience. You know that audience leads to sales, that’s why we call people of interest leads.

You want so much more than to edit and post to IG at dinnertime or stay up all night to get that video edited.

Well, let me spill the secret sauce………. Bah, bah, bahm….. systems.

With the right systems and processes in place to keep you consistent, organized, and on track towards your micro goals, you can achieve anything you set out to do! Reach for those BIG goals!

Ready to Rock Your Marketing?

With a streamlined approach to sustainable business growth

Imagine a world where…

  • You wake up and know exactly what content and tasks you’re going to perform that day
  • You spend precious time with your family knowing you’re content is working for you to reel in your audience
  • That you can get your message and passion out to the world, you started this business with a mission
  • That when you have a BIG launch of a new offer or product, that you have an audience just ready to buy from you

It is possible and can be done! That’s why I created the Marketing Map Program

I can’t wait to see you grow



The Marketing Map Mastermind Community!

Grow your business with a holistic apporach to sustainable marketing in an epic community of other badass blooming businesses

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The Marketing Map Mastermind Community has so much to offer!

A comprehensive marketing system created for sustainable business growth with the focus on streamlining content workflow, email list growth, and visibility strategies


Printable Marketing Map Planner and to get you organized as you plan and implement all the things


Monthly networking zoom call to build connection

A rising tides mastermind community to connect & collaborate, bounce ideas, get peer reviews, get feedback on your backend creations


Weekly Live training based on what you need; and access to vault of past trainings

Digital tools box of business resources & recommendations complete with trainings to guide you as you implement

The time to invest in your business is NOW!

Don’t waste another day lost and lonely in your backend creations!

Brought to you by…

Michelle Augimeri

Goes by title Founder and Creative Director of Bloom House Creative, but also a busy mom, heart-centered business owner, and creative genius. Michelle comes with over a decade of expeience in the digital marketing and design world.

On a mission to bring rising tides to any shore she touches, she provides professional marketing and design services, tips, tools, and templates to fellow heart-centered business owners so we all grow together!