Ready to Rock Your Marketing?

With a streamlined approach to sustainable business growth

Ready to Rock Your Marketing?

With a streamlined approach to sustainable business growth

Done with all the shiney objects already, you’re ready for the RIGHT growth strategy that will bring consistency, clarity, and confidence as you grow your business.

Does this sound familiar?

❀ You work on your marketing and see some traction… but fall off with it for various reasons

❀ You post something to your social channels sometimes, but engagement and growth is slow to come

❀ Or maybe you are just starting out in your business and you go in circles with what to do and in what order

❀ You’re lost in the tech or design of your funnel and feel overwhelemed and alone

You need a system that provides consistent growth strategies to effeciently and effectively gain visibility and traction in your business!



The Marketing Map System Course!

A holistic apporach to sustainable marketing that will grow with your business

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The Marketing Map System Course has so much to offer!

A comprehensive marketing system created for sustainable business growth with the focus on content, subscription, and visibility marketing 

Step-by-step video training to guide you through each step of the Marketing Map System

Printable Marketing Map Workbook and Timeline to keep you organized as you plan and implement all the things

The time to invest in your business is NOW!

Don’t waste another day scrambling in your marketing!

Brought to you by…

Michelle Augimeri

Goes by title Founder and Creative Director of Bloom House Creative, but also a busy mom, heart-centered business owner, and creative genius. Michelle comes with over a decade of expeience in the digital marketing and design world.

On a mission to bring rising tides to any shore she touches, she provides professional marketing and design services, tips, tools, and templates to fellow heart-centered business owners so we all grow together!