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Welcome to the Marketing Map System Program! Here you will find all of the links and info about the program. 

We are so thankful that you decided to work with Bloom House Creative for your marketing and strategy! We look forward to helping your business grow.

Let’s Do This! 

You are about to embark on a journey that will catapult your business in the right direction to actually start getting consistent clarity calls, opt-ins to your email list, and consistentcy in your processes to grow your business with confidence.

Each section below links to the material. 

Download Marketing Workbook

Download & print the Marketing Workbook to keep you organized you consistently grow your business.

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Video Trainings

4 quick videos that walk you through how to setup and use the Marketing Map System for continued growth. 

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Marketing Map System at your fingertips!

Below are the training videos that walk you through the Marketing Map System and how to use the different pieces together to streamline your processes and keep it going to effectively grow your business.

Remeber to join and ask your questions in the private FB community exclusive for the MMS Program participants. 

Need some 1-1 guidance?

Schedule a one-to-one strategy call at anytime as you go through these sections, we are here for you!

Intro to the Marketing Map System

The system is more of a machine

In this video, we get a bird’s eye view of the entire Marketing Map System and how it all connects. All the pieces work together to consistently and effectively grow your email list, expand your reach, and grow your business. 

Make sure you download and print your checklist/ timeline to keep you on track as you map and create all the pieces to your system.

Let’s Talk Content Marketing 

Content is king, but you my dear are the QUEEN

In this video, we walk through content marketing, leveraging what you already have, and how to map your content to most effectively grow your business.

Dynamic content is the BEST way to consistently reach new audiences without a single dime on ad spend.

Email Marketing

Content is king, but you my dear are the QUEEN

In this video, we walk through email marketing, why it is so important, how to get setup with automated sequences, and what on earth to send your tribe.

Your email community is where you directly connect with and nurture your peeps to build know, like, and trust.

Visibility Marketing

Feed your funnel!

In this video, we walk through visibility marketing, how to connect everything to consistently grow your email list, connect and engage with your tribe, and to consistently reach new audiences.  

Visibility marketing is so much more than just what you post on social media, we aim to help you expand your reach and therefore your impact and message.