A few of my favorite online business tools


Project Management: TRELLO


My all time favorite tech tool! I use it for my business, project management, client management and communication/ sharing of files. I even use Trello for my home and family planning too.

When it comes to planning and organizing, Trello is a must have! It allows for visual planning and integrates with the calendar too!

Email Provider

If you have been in business for any length of time, then you surely know that growing and nurturing your email list is a MUST!

The best way to grow your list is with a lead magnet or sometimes called an opt-in freebie.This is usually something that offers some value, a quick win, or action steps that pre-empts the product or service you provide. The best way to nurture your email list is to communicate with them often. Automated sequences and triggers are very important for this automation. The following email providers offer segmentation and automation in simple ways and are super affordable.



MailerLite offers free and low cost options for email marketing. If you are just starting out, this is a great option… you can always take your list with you when you are ready to upgrade. 



Convertkit offers a more robust segmentation and tagging system for more complex email funnels

Social Media Tools

If there are tools out there that will help you automate things and processes in your business, I highly recommend these social media schedulers to automate this part of your business!


This my favorite social media tool of all time! They offer re-shares, which is epic for sharing old content. They offer RSS feed sharing not just for your own blog, but for any blog. So you can set up to automatically share content to your social media from your favorite bloggers. Game changer!

Click here to get an extended free trial of 2 months – that’s an extra month for free!


This is another great tool for Pinterest and Instagram. What makes Tailwind so special is the tribes! You can post one or more pins to your tribes and then share pins from the tribe. It is a share hub where everyone contributes and repins!

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