Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

Streamline Marketing Workflow On The Go

As busy entrepreneur parents we balance both family and our business. It takes a solid routine, discipline, and a support system either in biz or fam, but you cannot do it all and by yourself.

You created your impactful business to help others but also to afford you the freedom to create work/life balance. But for some reason you find yourself tied to your desk all. Day. Long. And stuff falls to wayside and doesn’t get created and out the world. Your service or goods are only half the business and whether you accounted for the time it takes to market or not, it still eats up damn near half your work week. You know there has to be a better way and I’m sharing with you today simple tasks you can do for marketing your biz on mobile so you can spend less time at your desk and more time living a life you love!

Streamline marketing workflow on the go

It starts with a list

The first thing I want you to do is write out all the things you create and do for your business. Just write them all down as you think of them. Then write next to each one if it requires a laptop or can be do on mobile, and/or if you want to delegate it (even if you’re not there yet, it’s good to know what’s first to hire out so it becomes more of a goal than a chore of a task).

This comprehensive list becomes a workflow chart where you schedule certain tasks in between life happenings where you can use your phone or ipad.

A ton of planning happens right in the palm of my hands and most of my writing, graphics, content schedule everything can mostly be done from my phone.

Some things you can work on while your hanging at the park with the kiddos or waiting for practice to wrap up. Some things can be done in sprints, like content planning and social strategy. While other things need your full attention like writing emails and some other stuff needs a whole desktop/laptop to get done such as building landing pages and building out your funnel.

Things like social media comment replies, writing emails, social captions, design graphics, and more can all be done from your phone.

Think about the freedom this gives you as a creator and busienss owner. You went into busienss for yourself for the FREEDOM. If it’s a beautiful day outside you can literally take your work day outside and work on the patio or poolside. Imagine a life where growing family and your business in harmony with the freedom from your desk!

Below are some of my best tips for utilizing your phone and getting sh*t done for your business.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts on your phone to automate certain things you say or type often. Write common phrases or hashtag clouds you use again and again so you can write one word and the whole phrase shows up. Some shortcut ideas include:

  • Commonly used replies to comments
  • Commonly used brand phrases
  • Hashtag clouds for various types of content (for posting to IG)
  • Your business title and tagline (you know you write this almost everyday, lol)
  • Things you find yourself copying and pasting a lot

Design on the go

There’s many tasks I get done on my phone. I use Canva to design graphics on the go! And I love that they offer templates to make designing for my business super easy.

Canva is a robust and easy to use design app you can use on your phone, tablet, or desktop/ laptop all for free! On the paid plan, you can schedule your new graphic to your social media accounts. As a designer who only ever used Adobe suite I used to dislike Canva because it was clunky and not as robust as Adobe, but honestly they have come a long way and it’s all I use for all of my design needs for my business.

Planning and Writing

I use Notion to plan my content! Everything from full on launches to my weekly content, from emails to blog posts to social media content. I’ve used trello, ClickUp, and my own spreadsheet, but nothing matches the functionality and universality of Notion.

It can be used on desktop and on mobile making transferring work from mobile to desktop super easy to *ish done. There’s pages and sub pages, different views like calendar, board, or even spreadsheet style; you can attach files, photos, links, tags, and so much more. All these features make planning for the different parts of my business easy whether out living life or sitting at my desk . Everything in one place, super easy to use platform. Needless to say… I am loving the ocean of Notion right now!

To conclude, there is no reason for you to HAVE to sit at your desk all damn day. You created your business for the FREEDOM it will bring you, not to be chained to it. So I encourage you to keep on keeping on, never surrender, never give up that beautiful dream of yours! You got this!