What is the best social media platform to be on as a blogger? In this video, I will share with you the number one social media you need to think about as a blogger. I’ll give you a hint… It’s the one – you enjoy being on the most – that is easiest to connect with you people on – that offers the best ROI… time investment. There is no need to stress out to be in all the places. Sure there are tools and hiring VAs or social media managers for all of that, but as a one woman show with a minimal budget, don’t stress your self out thinking you have to post a million times a day to the hundreds of social media platforms. If Facebook groups are you jam, then hang out in Facebook groups. If videos and You Tube are your thang, then hang out on You Tube. If twitter or Instagram bring you tons of traffic after a few posts or sharing stories, then do it! The whole point is to go where it easy for you to connect with people. The one that offers you a return on your time investment. The Number One Social Media Platform You Need To Be On As A Blogger
number one social media platform you need to be on as a blogger