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Get your FREE Marketing Message Guidebook to create a content plan that will grow with your business

Top 3 Things You Need Before Building Your Course

So you’ve decided to take your core offer and package it up to sell as a digital product! Congrats on this decision!

Creating a course is an epic feat. There are so many moving parts and things to do all while still offering one to one service or group program. It make you a little crazy, overwhelmed at the least.

So what are the right steps to building and launching a course? Great question! In this post I have laid out the first three things to get going as you build your course, offer your service, and grow your audience. These three things will help you when it’s time to launch, so they are pretty necessary to do before building your course. And you may already have these in place, so in that case, keep doing what you’re doing! 

Consistent Content

You’ll want to consistently create content while offering your services and building your course. There are 3 types of anchor content, you can read more about it here. Choose a platform and consistently create and repurpose content. Blog posts, videos, or podcasts. Whatever you choose be consistent and provide value.

Value means offer solutions to problems, but also make it connect and relate to the solution that your course provides. It should all connect and relate and most importantly tie into your opt-in. Which leads me to the next one!

Opt-in freebie/ Lead Magnet

You’ll want to build your list your as you build your course. This is where the magic sauce will be delivered. Your email list is where you will build the know, like, and trust with your community. This is where you will deliver value, solutions, and inspiration. Your list is one of the most important aspects to a successful launch because it is the only place you actually own and can talk to your people directly. Value your list, nurture your list; treat them like gold, offer them special discounts and value that you don’t offer anywhere else.

You will want to provide a high value opt-in that will give your new subscribers a quick win! Something that directly relates and leads into your course. This way they will be excited and primed for your course.

A community

You will want to begin building an audience. Pick a place, just one place to begin telling your story, sharing client results, share your anchor content. This could simply be your email list and that’s the only place you write to consistently.

Or you can start a Facebook group, a blog, a podcast, a You Tube channel. Again pick one (or more if you’re up for it) to build a community and talk to consistently. Make sure if you start it, you show up consistently. 

Do these three things as you build and when you are ready to launch, you’ll have people to tell about your new course or program. While I caution you to not stress about the numbers, don’t sweat it, but do make sure you are growing those numbers every day. Pay attention to what actions you do that help those numbers grow and do more of those activities. And likewise, pay attention to things you do that don’t really help your growth and stop doing those.

It’s all about visibility and growing your email list. These are income generating activities that should be your focus. So tell me, what course or program are you creating? Share in the comments!